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Perform better & feel good

The  ViSponder® works with body-equal frequencies to support you

New scientific research helps to understand about what is happening in our body. And one lesson learned from this ongoing research is that our body, our organs and organ-systems need the right frequencies and information to function well.

That’s exactly what the ViSponder® does for you!


The ViSponder is developed together with research teams from the fields of medicine, physics, sports, and nutrition science, to ensure the best product for you.

To perform better & to feel better.


The ViSponder®
a unique bracelet

It is a careful combination that makes the ViSponder®
bracelet so unique: body-equal frequencies, additional selected subtle structures, regular synchronization between body and the ViSponder® as well as the constant enriching and releasing of (informative) frequencies to the body. This is the only reason why the ViSponder® can make a proven impact.


Today's scientific knowledge about body frequencies or data makes it possible to develop the right package of information with the right frequencies.

Known is which frequencies, or information our body needs to be efficient – for example regarding athletically, cognitively or related to the musculoskeletal system.


Therefore, every ViSponder® carries the data relevant for a specific area.

The ViSponder® Sport (Energy)

The ViSponder® Brain

The ViSponder® Flexibility

A team of therapists and medical professionals have been working a long time on what data the perfect package for each area must be packed with.

The different compositions were checked and changed repeatedly – until they were perfect.
This has been confirmed by the studies of the Institute for
Sports Science and Health Management Meppen/Münster

How does it work?

The human body emits a unique electromagnetic field that continuously interacts with the ViSponder®.

The ViSponder® is programmed with specific data or information: frequencies equivalent to those of the body, pertinent to a particular organ system, and additional data from selected subtle structures.


The ViSponder® perpetually synchronizes this data with its own. Should an imbalance arise during this process, the ViSponder® aids by transmitting structured and enriched frequencies back to the body, thereby strengthening the targeted area.

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The ViSponder® Sport (Energy)

Increased strength and endurance through optimal muscle care and oxygen supply that's where the ViSponder® Sport can help.

The ViSponder® Sport mobilizes energy resources for optimal performance and provides a shorter and better recovery period after a peak performance. During sport and daily life.

You will feel fitter, more alert and dynamic - more powerful. You can do more.

The ViSponder® Brain

It is not surprising to feel confused and forgetful when you're under a lot of stress. Stress affects our memory and many other brain functions, like mood and anxiety. 

High demands at work, stress from exams or other stress influence our brain. Here can the ViSponder® Brain help.

The ViSponder® Brain can help increase your memory performance. Your thinking, your reasoning, your learning, and problem-solving skills can improve if you wear the ViSponder® Brain.

Business strategy

The ViSponder® Flexibility

Does everything hurt? Do you notice that you are not as flexible as you used to be? Do you sit or stand for hours during work or other activities? Then you can use some help.

Improve your musculoskeletal system with the ViSponder® Flexibility.

The ViSponder® Flexibility can help to prevent back problems by strengthening the musculoskeletal system. It supports your mobility through optimized interaction of ligaments, tendons, and joints.

The ViSponder® Flexibility can help make you more flexible and agile, so you can move around with more joy.

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