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Familiarize yourself
with the Beosigner®

The Beosigner® inside: abundant in valuable
content and complex technology.
The Beosigner® outside: reduced to the essentials, packaged in a noble design in dark blue or elegant white. The informed light is emitted from the back of the Beosigner®.

It was important to us that we make it easy for you to use the Beosigner®. That is why you will find only one button for switching on/off, one for selecting the program and one for replacing the BeoKeys. Plus an indicator light on the front and a charging socket on the side. Ready. The Beosigner® takes care of the rest for you.


BeoKey Power
help for more energy


BeoKey Focus
help for more concentration
and clarity

BeoKey Joy

BeoKey Joy
help more joy and drive


BeoKey Stability
help for mental balance and confidence

BeoKeys – individual help for mental powers

The Beosigner® can help with the physical level of your wellbeing.

There are also four different BeoKeys which can help for the mental wellbeing: Power, Joy, Stability and Focus. They can help you to feel better again and help you to feel mentally strong.

Why these four in particular? Years of experience of competent therapists form the basis for the BeoKeys. Using this collective knowledge, we were able to program the valuable information onto the BeoKeys.


BeoKey – Animal
developed for your pets

We have heard from many pet owners, professional riders, veterinarians, and therapists how positively animals react to the Beosigner®.

They report more energy, more strength, better concentration, and a strengthened immune system in the animals. This does not surprise us, because the Beosigner® works with biophoton technology and has a vitalizing effect on all biological systems. The BeoKey Animal Complete insert, specially programmed for animals, contains exactly the information an animal needs to be balanced and vital.

Vitarights dog beosigner v2.jpg


Use the BeoPark as a beautifully designed station that holds the Beosigner® securely. This is ensured by the strong ferro-magnet inside – we have also informed it in our own particular, specially developed way. Ferro-magnets are also said to have a positive effect on an organism: so place the BeoPark near you.

BeoPark can be tilted or set in five different positions: three horizontal and two vertical. This allows you to adjust the informed light beam from the Beosigner® to different angles and heights. So your hands are free while food, drinks or cosmetic products are vitalized.



Use the BeoTapes to fix the Beosigner® to your body: simply place the BeoTape around the desired area and close it with the Velcro.

The Beosigner® can be conveniently strapped on and all you have to do is switch it on. 

leather cases.png

Leather cases

These beautiful cases are made of genuine leather with
contrasting stitching and are designed to fit and protect your Beosigner® and your BeoKeys. There are two colors, black and light blue. 

The leather case for the BeoKeys has space for 4 BeoKeys.

The Vitalizer – The pioneer of information medicine

The Vitalizer is the first product from Vitarights using informed light to help stimulate the powers of self-healing, which in turn can help with gaining more energy, zest of life and better health.

A real pioneer in quantum information medicine, the Vitalizer is uses the same technology as the Beosigner.

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