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What are Biophotons and how can they influence your wellbeing?

In a living organism, cells communicate with each other. This theory was developed by the biophysicist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp back in the 1970s.
He was able to prove that all organic tissues emit a weak light. While the radiance of light decreased only very slowly in living cells, it decreased quickly in dying cells and disappeared altogether after the cell died. 

Cells of an organism take in photons from outside such as light particles from sunlight. However, cells can also produce photons themselves. Popp used the term Biophotons (bio(s), the Greek word for life) for these light particles.
According to his theory, they are jointly responsible for life in every organism: cells produce biophotons, emit them and use them to communicate throughout the body. They control and regulate processes. In other words, they activate or balance, they coordinate and bring order.

Biophotons are information carriers. They stimulate processes in the body or make them possible in humans, animals and plants etc. This shows how important these smallest particles are for our lives and our well-beings.


Biophotons can help feeling Vitalized

For an organism to function smoothly, it needs the right amount of biophotons and the right information. What happens if neither is available to it?
There is less exchange of important information. This leads to disturbances in the regulatory processes and thus to less vitality. As a human being, you might say "I feel unwell", "I can't concentrate properly" or "I'm absolutely exhausted". This is the opposite of what most of us want. And also, the opposite of what is good for animals and plants.  

With the help of biophotons, it is possible to influence the biological processes. What can help you to say: "I feel good", and "I feel fit"
This is also shown by the results of a study conducted by Dartsch Scientific, Institute for Cell Biology Testing Systems*.
Study leader Prof. Peter C. Dartsch was able to demonstrate in vitro that water vitalized with our technology has a significant effect on increasing the basal energy metabolism of cultured connective tissue fibroblasts.  

*This study was carried out by the Dartsch Scientific Institute for Cell Biology Testing Systems in 2019 using the Vitarights Vitalizer, the precursor to the Beosigner®. The results can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®. The Beosigner® offers an additional comprehensive concept, but the biophoton technology is fundamentally the same in both devices.

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