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Water color paints



Pure, quality water is essential for a healthy life.

Drinking good quality water is one of the oldest remedies for maintaining good health.  Even in ancient times, people had already recognized the power of drinking pure, high quality water. Water helps your body to prevent sickness by supporting the purification mechanisms of your body and it helps to revitalize our systems. 

Water is the basis for all life on earth, and it is in constant circulation. The human body, too, has its own water system. Nutrients are transported to the cells by water channels. There, water enables biochemical reactions. Simultaneously, the removal of waste materials takes place; e. g., our kidneys work as a “sewage treatment plant” for our bodies. Without water, our bodies would not be able to function.

The Beosigner® for high-quality water

Make water your most important and loyal ally! You will be doing yourself a big favour. Water dissolves toxins and cleanses the body if it is of the right quality. The less stressed an organism is, the more vital it is. Many cultures have known this for thousands of years. With the Beosigner® we have developed a device that turns normal water, i.e., also tap water, into water of high-quality. 

Drinking Water at Home

Biophotons in our Food Basis for Healthy Nutrition

Our daily diet includes water as well as the actual food we eat. Both are important and contains minerals and nutrients. What we eat and drink nourishes us, making our body function so that we feel well. Here, the quality of food plays a vital role – and this quality is not always sufficient. This is often due to the use of pesticides (e.g., plant protection products), exposure to nitrates, genetically modified plants or even pathogens. The more sensitive a person is, the more likely they are to react to negative influences – from low-quality food, cosmetics, or medicines. Possible consequences include intolerances, allergies, digestive problems, or nutrient deficiencies. So, what should we do?


It's no secret: with the Beosigner® the principle of biophoton technology is used and makes use of findings from quantum physics. So, it's about contemporary science. 

We cannot do much about the ingredients in our food. As consumers, we are just left to the mercy of the manufacturers. However, with the Biophotonic technology you can increase the bio availability of your food.


The Beosigner® emits informed light that can help to increase accessibility and tolerance of your food and drinks.

Eating and drinking can be a pleasure again!

Are you already convinced, but wonder whether the Beosigner® has an effect on the taste? Yes, it can. Many Beosigner® users have reported to us that the food tasted even better to them after vitalization. Another piece of good news, we think. Don't you agree?

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