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Science & Studies

Grateful for the Scientific researches and studies*

Scientific research helps to understand the quantum systems better and to use this knowledge more efficiently. This is precisely part of our corporate philosophy: understanding and applying quantum systems. That is why Vitarights is involved in science and research in the field of quantum physics and drive the transfer of knowledge between science and industry. Together with research teams from the fields of medicine, physics, sports, and nutrition science, is Vitarights develops their biophotonic devices. 

On this page you will find various studies performed by research institutes and laboratories for Vitarights in Germany.


Martin Becker

Head of the research and development team of the Vitalizer and Beosigner® in Germany


Study: What effect does Beosigner® vitalized water have on autonomous regulation and regeneration?

In 2018, the Institute for Sports Science and Health Management (ISGM, Meppen), in cooperation with the Institute for Sleep Medicine and Interdisciplinary Sleep Research (ISIS, Münster), conducted a study. The objects of the study: athletes. The expected results were actually exceeded to a considerable degree. In the areas examined, the institutes were able to determine the following changes in the test subjects: 


  • A significant improvement in vital parameters from the stress response.

  • A significant increase in the phase angle, which is considered a barometer of vitality and represents cells' regulatory capacity.

  • Significantly improved heart rate variability (HRV)

  • Improved personal assessment of general well-being.

Read all the relevant facts for yourself along with the impressive results from the study entitled "Investigation into the effect of the Beosigner® from Vitarights Innovations GmbH on autonomic regulation and regeneration, Münster, 27.9.2018". 

More effects of vitalized water

In 2019, Vitarights commissioned another study. Its title: "Investigation of the beneficial effects of vitalized water with cultured cells. In vitro studies on the effect of the Vitalizer (Beosigner®) from Vitarights Innovations GmbH". The institution: Dartsch Scientific, Institute for Cell Biology Testing Systems*, Study Manager: Prof. Peter C. Dartsch. Among other things, the study investigated the effect of non-vitalized and vitalized water on the basal energy metabolism of cultured connective tissue fibroblasts.

Read more here: diagrams and photographs of microscopic views support the scientific statements. 

Woman drinks water

Other scientific studies:

Freshly Baked Pizza

Increased quality of food

The Swiss laboratory Life Vision Lab, a research laboratory* for holistic food quality, compared samples of a cucumber with each other (cucumber from the discount store, conventional farming).

The Swiss lab comments: "The results are significantly better than those of the untreated cucumber due to the vitalization. You can plainly observe that the images of the vitalized cucumber show many more organic formations and less chaos." 

Increased quality of water

A study made by the Hagalis Institute proves that vitalization significantly increases the water’s quality of order.


Please read an excerpt from the study made by Hagalis Institute regarding water, water quality, electro smog and the bioavailability of minerals.


How the Beosigner® can help with inflammation

In 2020, Vitarights also subjected the Vitalizer (Beosigner®) to scientific scrutiny. This time it involved inflammation. The study was conducted by Dartsch Scientific, Institute for Cell Biology Testing Systems,* Study Manager: Prof. Peter C. Dartsch. The title of the study is: "Investigation of the effect of the Beosigner® on inflammation-mediating cells. In vitro studies on the effect of the Beosigner® from Vitarights Innovations GmbH." 

Studies of the Vitalizer in the JJM - Japan Journal of Medicine

Effects of a Biophoton Triggering Device (The Vitalizer and the Beosigner) after Vitalization of Organ-Specific Cell Cultures. 


*These studies were conducted with the Vitarights Vitalizer, the precursor to the Beosigner®. All results can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®. The Beosigner® offers an additional comprehensive concept, but the biophoton technology is fundamentally the same in both devices.

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