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The Beosigner® 


Gain More Energy
 more Positive
Feel Great

The Beosigner® and BeoKeys use informed light to help stimulate the powers of self-healing, which in turn can help with gaining more energy, being more positive and just feeling great!

What makes the Vitarights concept unique?


The inventor of the Vitalizer combined the latest knowledge from quantum physics and information medicine in one concept — the Beosigner® concept.

Enjoy life every day - 
with the power of informed light

The Beosigner® from Vitarights Innovations: 
innovative and unique. 


Light is essential for life The Beosigner® emits informed light 

The biophysicist Professor Fritz-Albert Popp worked with biophotons (light in cells) from the 1970s onwards.

He put forth the following theory: 
"The basis of a healthy organism is functioning communication between the cells. This communication takes place via light signals: cells use them to transport important information.

This transport is possible if the light is coherent. Biophotons have the necessary coherence and can thus transmit information, exerting a regulating effect and can help activating self-healing powers".

What if this informed light could help you: ​

  • Gain more energy?

  • Support your immune system?

  • Enhance physical well-being?

  • Boost physical performance? 

  • Experience better concentration?

  • Increase productivity? 

  • Feel more confident?

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Activate self-healing powers with the Beosigner®

The Beosigner® is based on a unique technology that transmits effective information into your cells. These information patterns have emerged through years of empirical research. The information is transported with the help of coherent light beams. What happens then? 

The Beosigner® helps to strengthen, activate, or to regulate – depending on what the body needs at that moment. It understands the language of the cell, so to speak. This applies not only to humans, but to all biological systems, including animals and plants. 

Attention: read the disclaimer

The Vitalizer, The Beosigner® and The ViSponder® are developed to support your wellbeing; they are not a medical device or treatment. These products are not intended as a substitute or replacement for medical treatment or advice.  In case of illness, you should seek treatment from a licensed medical provider. Do not stop or change a medical treatment without consulting your medical provider. The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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The ViSponder®
a unique bracelet

It is a careful combination that makes the ViSponder®
bracelet so unique: body-equal frequencies, additional selected subtle structures, regular synchronization between body and the ViSponder® as well as the constant enriching and releasing of (informative) frequencies to the body. This is the only reason why the ViSponder® can make a proven impact.


KuWe Innovations is the consulting partner of Vitarights Innovations GmbH, the manufacturer of the Vitalizer and the Beosigner®.

Solving a health problem — that is Zorica Ebach’s urgent wish and thus the trigger for this story. The solution: an innovative product based on biophoton technology that stimulates the body’s powers of self-healing. This product is so convincing that Zorica Ebach establishes a company to market it. That's how the company Vitarights was 'born'.

"If something unique is already so good – can it possibly be even better?"

This was the question Zorica Ebach asked herself after a few years with the Vitalizer. We'll tell you the answer right here: yes, it can be even better.
And so, the Vitalizer became the Beosigner®, or more precisely the Beosigner® concept. Of course, it didn't happen just like that. Many creative and clever minds have also played their part in this development step – because dialogue creates knowledge.

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